The Best of Puerto Rican Food

Puerto Rican food is a mixture of African, Taino, and Spanish influences. They have their own take on creole food, which they call cocina criolla. This cooking style is not only popular with locals; tourists also frequent Puerto Rico to experience authentic creole dishes, as well.

The country of Puerto Rico has different types of dishes that have become part of the locals’ daily diet. One is called pastelon de carne, which is a pie made of meat such as ham and/or pork. You can buy these at restaurants and shops lining the streets, and some creative cooks have even placed a Puerto Rican flag on top of it as d?cor. Another favorite is carne frita con cebolla, which is made up of beef and onions. Then there’s chicken with rice, or Arroz con pollo, which is quite popular, as well as other chicken dishes like sour chicken or broiled chicken. A Spanish-inspired omelet with potatoes and onions is called the Tortilla Espanola. Puerto Rican meals are also known for its extensive use of beef tongue, brains, and kidneys.

Interestingly, daily Puerto Rico dining normally includes appetizers. Some appetizers that are favorites of locals are empanadillas or turnovers with crab or lobster filling, and bacalaitos or crispy fritters made with cod. They also serve soup like sopon de pescado, which is fish soup, and sopon de pollo con arroz, or chicken rice soup. Then there’s the asopao, the most traditional appetizer, made with chicken, peppers, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and pimientos.
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Three Kings Festival in Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans are a friendly, outgoing, and always looking for a reason to have fun. Visit Puerto Rico from Thanksgiving Day until mid January and you’ll find the island in full party mode. Of course they enjoy Christmas and New Years but in Puerto Rico, the really big celebration is reserved for the Three Kings Festival on January 6. The festival, celebrated since 1884, honors the Three Kings who brought gifts of incense, gold and myrrh to the Baby Jesus. While the holiday is celebrated throughout Puerto Rico, the largest gathering is found in a town outside Ponce, called Juana Diaz. People of all ages and nationalities converge on this small town to watch and participate in the festival.

The night before, children leave hay or grass by their beds to feed the camels ridden by the Three Kings. In return, children will find presents left to them by the Three Kings, just as the Kings left presents for Baby Jesus. After opening their gifts, families head to Comercio Street in downtown Juana Diaz to await the coming of the Three Kings. This is actually a homecoming for the Kings from Juana Diaz as they are so popular, they actually tour the entire island. Gatherers are encouraged to be more than spectators. Anyone who dresses up as a shepherd, adult, child, Puerto Rican or not, can join the parade. The parade is generally quite long, including simple shepherds as well as elaborate floats. The crowds wait in growing anticipation and just when it seems they can’t wait any longer, the Three Kings make a grand entrance. Dressed in the finest robes of gold, blue, and red, with crowns of shimmering jewels atop their heads, the kings make their appearance. Riding horses though, not camels, the Three Kings are treated like rock stars by the adoring fans. The Kings are announced one by one, and over cheers and sometimes swooning women, make their way to a huge altar set up in the Plaza. From there the festivities take on a more solemn tone as the Kings find the Baby Jesus and the Holy Mass is celebrated.

Things don’t stay solemn for long. After the Mass, the Kings make their way back through the frenzied crowds. Though they are gone until next year, there is still much to do. On the edges of the Plaza, artists and craftsman have set up booths selling the finest Puerto Rican crafts. If you get hungry, there are plenty of food vendors selling drinks, ice cream and traditional Puerto Rican food. If you get tired, you can simply sit on one of the benches under the trees in the Plaza and people watch. You won’t get bored.

So if you are looking to stretch out your holiday season a little longer, head to Puerto Rico and Juana Diaz. It is a festival you will never forget.
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Notes From the Jungle – Hakuna Matata – The Circle of Life

I rise on my first day in Manzanillo feeling rejuvenated and deeply alive. Slivers of sunlight reflect off the white mosquito netting surrounding my bed, and there is a quiet and peaceful stillness in the air. Something has shifted internally for me and the dark blanket of fear has finally lifted. I can easily sleep another several hours and the idea is tempting, but my eagerness to explore these new surroundings in the light of day propels me from bed and into my khaki shorts and brand new tevas. I remember that breakfast is only served until 9AM, so I run towards the open air restaurant where I find Jesse smiling brightly, her ebony eyes radiating warmth and love. Jesse is in charge of the restaurant here. She is of Jamaican descent, born and raised in a small town near Limon on the southern Caribbean coast.

There is something magnetic about Jesse; she has a rare gift of genuine warmth that immediately draws people into her spiritual embrace. Jesse speaks English, Patwa, fluent Spanish and some conversational French. Her bright smile and kind demeanor are contagious. A full breakfast buffet at the Almonds and Corals resort includes coffee, orange juice, eggs, fresh fruit, gallo pinto, , toast, bacon and ham. To my surprise and delight, breakfast and dinner are included at Almonds and Corals along with a special evening cocktail. The service is superb and the food is satisfying and plentiful.

After breakfast I settle myself into one of the plush green sofas in the open air restaurant and fire up my laptop computer to begin my daily writing. What an incredible privilege it is to write surrounded by such natural splendor in the dense, moist rainforest and soothing sounds of the jungle. My creative juices flow easily here and my heart swells with joy and gratitude. Joy at the prospect of nearly five weeks to focus on nothing but my two greatest passions- travel and writing; gratitude for the opportunity to experience such a special gift of freedom and adventure.

Unfortunately, my bliss is only short lived on this first day in Costa Rica. It seems I have forgotten two important travel lessons. First, when traveling through a foreign country, things rarely proceed as planned. Second, when visiting a remote jungle location in a third world country, the concept of time (or lack thereof) differs considerably. Simple tasks that you might expect to perform in several minutes or less, like placing a telephone call or sending an email, can in fact require a full day or longer to perform, due to a myriad of reasons such as weak telephone signals, language barriers and inexplicable power outages.

The things I love the most about such an exotic and remote destination are the very same things I detest. Of course, I do not expect to travel to the same beat here, but the logistical obstacles I face on this first day seemed to border on the absurd, resulting in part from my own lack of careful logistical planning and in part due to events outside my realm of control.

I am traveling through this country on a writing mission. My goal is to share the spiritual lessons of my journey with as many folks as possible; through my Mercury columns, website blog, and the book I intend to write. I arrived here with a full arsenal of modern technology including a new laptop computer, Skype capability, blue tooth, and digital camera. I planned to post a daily blog to my website depicting my travel adventures, accompanied by striking photography. I intended to maintain meticulous control over this project.

Suffice to say, I forgot to research whether Almonds and Corals offers Wi-Fi access or cell phone signals (negative on both counts) and I thought the hotel receptionist was just being gracious by allowing me unlimited internet access via the single computer located behind the reception desk. When I received la cuenta (the bill) for my computer time and my face conveyed a mixture of shock and disbelief, the receptionist smiled and pointed to the tiny sign hanging above her desk. This was the sign that I somehow missed, the one that outlined the charges for internet access. Strike one for the ignorant gringo, I thought to myself, and reached for my rapidly shrinking wallet. Travel lesson#1: If you plan to travel to a remote jungle location on a writing assignment, carefully research Wi-Fi capability.

The next dilemma unfolds when I attempt to place a telephone call to the states and the international operator informs me that my visa debit card is rejected. Strike two for the ignorant gringo. The hotel telephone system only accepts credit cards for placing international calls, even to toll free numbers like Wachovia customer service. When I attempt to place a collect call to my bank from my hotel room, the operator informs me in broken English that I cannot place a collect call to a toll free number. I return to the reception desk and request permission to use the computer to search for a regular contact number for my bank. The dial-up connection at the hotel operates at snails pace but I finally locate the number and attempt to place a collect call to my bank from the phone at the reception desk. Again, I am informed by the operator in broken English that I must use a credit card. Travel Lesson #2: Notify bank prior to leaving the country in order to prevent a security block on your debit card.

I inquire at the reception desk about purchasing an international calling card with pre-paid minutes. I am informed that the hotel does not sell international calling cards. The nearest option is the town of Puerto Viejo, located 15 minutes from the hotel. I do not have a car, and I am too stubborn to take a taxi to the neighboring town to purchase an international calling card. Surely there must be an easier way to notify my bank that it is in fact me attempting to use the card in Central America, and not a Columbian drug lord. I embark on a frantic search for a person with a cell phone. With no good results, I return to the reception area to inquire about how I might reach a toll free number in the United States. The receptionist stares at me blankly. “Toll free number,” I repeat in broken Spanish. “Uno, ocho, zero, zero?” I continue, praying for a glimmer of recognition.

Now growing increasingly exasperated, I decide to switch gears and inquire about the possibility of borrowing a cell phone from a hotel staff member. “Hay una persona aqui con un telefono cellular?” I inquire, in a pleading tone. The polite young receptionist replies in rapid fire Spanish and the only phrase I manage to translate is mucho arboles; in English this translates to many trees, and necesitas caminar el calle. Translation: Due to the many trees surrounding the hotel, you need to walk to the street to access a cell phone signal. Strike three for the ignorant gringo. This is wonderful in theory, particularly for honeymooners in love but not so much for the solitary travel writer. Travel Lesson #3: If you plan to travel to a remote jungle location on a writing assignment, anticipate absence of cell phone signal.

Now it is close to 4PM, and being so close to the equator I am aware that I have a little over an hour remaining before dusk. I locate my new friends Chantal and Rachel, a delightful mother/daughter duo from France. I am relieved to learn that Chantal and Rachel have a cell phone. Chantal is preparing to embark on a zip line excursion, and Rachel is happy to accompany me on a ten minute walk to el calle, far enough away from los arboles, to (hopefully) obtain a cell phone signal.

Just as we are preparing to leave Rachel’s foot is attacked by fire ants and I must return to my room to retrieve my emergency supply of Benadryl. Ah, the joy of life in the jungle. PURA VIDA!!!! I reflect longingly on my peaceful morning relaxing in the open air restaurant, gazing out at the jungle as I sip my delicious Costa Rican coffee. Several minutes later, Rachel and I head towards the main street. On the way we encounter a young boy holding a very large rodent in one hand and a marijuana cigarette in the other. Chantal yells down to us from somewhere high above the treetops. Seconds later she goes careening above our heads, suspended in mid-air strapped inside a harness, releasing a high pitched shriek in the process. I’m not in Kansas anymore, I think to myself, and then burst into a fit of hysterical laughter.

We arrive at the main street and Rachel’s phone chirps intermittently, alerting us to a dying battery. Rachel holds her phone up towards the sky and gazes at me apologetically, as there is still no signal and the battery is about to die. Dusk is rapidly descending upon us and the mosquitoes are coming out in full force. Feeling defeated, I return to the hotel and head towards my room in need of a hot shower. Here I encounter an American woman traveling with her teenage son. They are painfully bored at the hotel, and they cannot imagine spending another day in the midst of a rainforest jungle with little to amuse them aside from a group of howler monkeys. They are headed back to San Jose, and upon listening to my story, she nods sympathetically and hands me her pre-paid international calling card.

I race back to my room feeling as if I were just handed the Olympic medal for endurance. I read the tiny digits on the back of the card and follow the instructions which indicate to first dial 199, and then enter the special code number. It takes me approximately 45 seconds to discover that the telephone in my room does not accept international calling cards, only personal credit cards. I am beyond incensed as I return to the reception desk to inquire about the nearest phone that will accept my international pre-paid calling card. The receptionist points to a dilapidated looking pay phone hiding behind a patch of foliage in the hotel parking lot. I proceed to the phone and place my hand on the rusty receiver, when I notice swarms of fire ants taking up residence beneath my feet. Each ant appears to be carrying a tiny green object on its back. Morbidly amused, I try to decipher whether the tiny object belongs to the animal, mineral or plant family. Wachovia sends me into an automated system where I am placed on hold, classical music blaring in my ear. I blurt out a string of obscenities as I dance the fire ant jig, alternating from one foot to the other as the cluster of ants approach my teva clad feet.

I recall my lesson about surrender from the prior night. My first night in Manzanillo I lay alone in the darkness, enveloped in blackness deeper than Jesse’s soulful eyes. I could barely detect the faint outline of the mosquito netting billowing wildly around me in the balmy breeze as I listened to the sound of the driving tropical rain beating against the thatched roof of my bungalow tent and howler monkeys calling out in the distance. Lying there on the brink of terror, I made a choice to surrender to the inevitable. Beyond the fear, I found a new appreciation for the incredible laws of nature and the harmonious balance of the jungle- a three dimensional illustration of the circle of life. Today, as I struggle to re-gain my sense of control over the world of doing, I nearly forget this valuable lesson.

Standing there pressing the rusty receiver against my ear, I recall the phrase Hakuna Matata from the Lion King, which in essence, means no worries. A fire ant reaches my big toe. I find myself wondering why it is so important for me to reach my bank today anyway. I have cash in my wallet, I am not faced with imminent danger, I am safe and I am not starving. I reflect on the phrase Hakuna Matata. I remember the jungle and the circle of life. I take a deep breath. This is to be my mantra here in Costa Rica, as I travel alone through the ring of fire- Hakuna Makata; no worries. I guess I have a lot more to learn about the gift of surrender.

Last night as I lay alone in the darkness listening to the beat of the rain and the eerie sound of howler monkeys calling out in the distance, I experienced my introductory lesson on fear surfing. Fear surfing is my new term for pushing through the fear and looking beyond, to discover what lies on the other side. I return to my room for a hot shower and head straight for the open air restaurant, where I prepare to spend my second night in the jungle.

Hotels & Timeshares Vs. Vacation Rental Homes

With a standard hotel, you get:

oOne room with a bed and a bathroom

This is particularly difficult setup for families with small children. When the kids go to sleep, mom and dad’s have no option but to go to sleep for fear of waking the kids. They are limited, as the whole family is sharing one room.

However, with a timeshare, you typically get full living accommodations like a condominium unit. A typical timeshare offers:

o A central living room (usually with a sleeper sofa)

o One, two, or three bedrooms

o Dining area

o A kitchen area with stove, oven, microwave as well as pots, Pans, utensils and dishes

o One, two, and sometimes three full bathrooms

o Washer and Dryer

o Balcony or Terrace sometimes both

o TV, VCR & Stereo system

With a timeshare, mom and dad can put the kids to bed in one bedroom and continue to enjoy themselves in the spacious living areas or retreat to the comfort of a master bedroom.

However, with timeshare come the monthly expenses and maintenance fees that are usually associated with many timeshare agreements. You are locked into that place and if you want to venture to other locations, you had better book early in order to guarantee that week.

Vacation rentals by owners offer you the best of both worlds. You get the amenities that timeshares provide without the monthly expenses or yearly maintenance fees. Some even do better as most vacation rentals provide DVD players, Cable TV, local phone service and internet access.

Most rental owners use their vacation homes one or two weeks out of the year and if they want to go somewhere else, they do vacation a rental swap with other owners. Owners are a great source of information for your next vacation rental stay as there are vacation rental homes all over the world.

Vacation rental homes are fast becoming the best way to go especially with the increase price of Hotels and timeshare fees that have to be paid each month. Most families looking to get away are looking to vacation rental homes as their vacation home. Vacation homes provide them with all the comforts of home and the cost savings that timeshare owners have to pay.

A great source for information on vacation rental homes is “vacation rentals by owners website ( ). They have the most comprehensive list of vacation home rentals in the world. They cover the United States, Hawaii, Caribbean, Africa, Central America, Mexico, Canada, South America, Asia, South Pacific, Europe just to mention a few.

So when planning your future vacation stays keep vacation rentals at the top of your list, for all the comforts of home for you and your family. If you are ever looking for rentals in Puerto Rico visit Villas de Costa Mar’s website for information on all the amenities this little island paradise has to offer.

Another great resource for vacation rental owners is, This is a vacation rental directory site. RentalBot offer vacation rental property owners an unparalleled array of Property Management features including detailed availability calendar, renter contact lists, payment tracking, reminders, and much more. Visit their site for complete information…
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El Gran Combo-Me libere

live! All music related performances remain the sole property of their respective copyright holders. No video clips are for sale, nor do they imply challenge to ownerships. They are intended strictly for entertainment, educational, and historical purposes, and fall under the “Fair Use” guideline.
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Dominican Republic’s Mofongo

When someone mentions the Dominican Republic, the first two things that will probably come to mind are Caribbean tours and beauty pageants. This, perhaps, is because the Dominican flag is most frequently seen in the Miss Universe pageant and in Caribbean tour brochures. Indeed, the Dominican Republic is home to captivating women and world-class tourist destinations, but it has more to offer, one of which is uniquely interesting food.

The geographical location of Dominican Republic makes it abundant in almost every ingredient needed for cooking in general. It has a plentiful beef supply. Fresh marlin, lobster, prawns and more other seafood are also abundant in the country’s seaside. The Dominican Republic is also rich in sought-for spices like cilantro, oregano, pepper, onion and garlic.

The most popular Dominican dish, however, is the Mofongo, which is made from mashed fried green bananas mixed with onion, garlic, broth, pork and bacon bits. Vegetables and seafood like crab and shrimp can also be added. And although the Mofongo can be a very filling dish, most Dominicans would still have fried chicken or soup with it.

Since the Dominican culture is a mixture of African, Taino and Spanish, the influences that these three cultures brought to the country extended well into its cuisine. Due to this, one may instantly claim that Dominican cuisine is just a replica of the Puerto Rican and Latin American cuisine as these cuisines also have the same combination of influences. However, Dominican food is still different from the two. One only has to taste the Mofongo in order to know why.
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Fascinating Facts About Mexico City


Mexico City, also known as Federal District, is the largest metropolis in Latin America. About 20 per cent of the country`s people live in this wonderful city , one of the most important places in the Third World. It is a multicultural city known for its hospitality.

This beautiful metropolis is the major city in Latin America and one of country`s main cultural centers. Mexico City`s location, quality galleries, restaurants, parks, cafes, churches and beautiful avenues make it a good starting point for trips to many of the Mexico`s tourist sites. In addition to tourism, a growing number of foreign visitors are coming to Mexico City for international meetings and conventions. The National Auditorium, opened in 1952, is one of the best such facilities in the world.

The Federal District hosted the Miss Universe 2007.This was the second time this place hosted the event having done so in 1993. Miss Japan, Riyo Mori, was crowned Miss Universe 2007. The judges were David Michael Navarro (American singer), Dayanara Torres (former Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Universe), Nina Garc?a (Colombian journalist), Marc Bouwer (South African fashion designer),

Michelle Kwan (Chinese-American athlete), James Kyson Lee (Korean-American actor), Lindsay Clubine (American super-model), Antonio “Tony” Ramiro Romo (American football player), Mauricio Islas (Mexican actor) and Christiane Martell (former Miss France and Miss Universe). The two-hour NBC telecast drew an estimated worldwide viewing audience of more than 1 billion in over 170 nations and territories. Paula Shugart, president of Miss Universe Organization, said: “Mexico last hosted the competition in 1993 and we are excited to be back for the 2007 show. Mexico offers an abundant supply of breathtaking locations and the warmth of the Mexican people will resonate throughout the world as we showcase the country”.

Julia Carabias Lillo received the 2001 World Wildlife Prize for her significant contributions to world ecology. She was born in the Mexican capital.

The First United Nations Women?s Conference was held in 1975 in Mexico City. More than 100 countries were represented at the United Nations Conference.

Octavio Paz Lozano was one of the foremost Latin American writes of the 20th century. He took directions from Juan Ram?n Jim?nez and Antonio Machado, and other literary artists. He was born on March 31, 1914, in Mexico City.

The Plaza Mexico is considered one of the most beautiful and oldest bullfings in the world. Famous matadors such as Juan Belmonte and Manolete have performed in this arena.

The Mexican capital has hosted two World Cup finals (1970 and 1986).

Rafael Osuna Herrera, also best known as “Pel?n”, was one of the greatest tennis players in the 1960s. He was in the Federal District. Rafael won a gold medal in men`s tennis singles at the Central American and Caribbean Games in 1966.

The Metropolitan Cathedral houses spectacular murals. It was built in the 16th century.

In this Latin American city each village has its own saint or virgin. The Guadalupe Shire is a religious sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The Virgin of Guadalupe, also known as Our Lady of Guadalupe, has millions of devotees in Mexico and other parts of the world.

Cristian Saenz Castro is one of the most loved and admired singers in Latin America. He has produced several albums and stage shows and continues to give successful concert tours in the United States, Spain and other countries. He was born and grew up in the Federal District.

This place hosted the 1968 Olympic Games. For the first time, the Summer Olympics were held in a Third World country. It was chosen as hosts by International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1963. There were approximately 5,530 athletes from a record 112 countries participating in these Games. It was inaugurated by president Gustavo D?az Ordaz.

Paulina Rubio Dosamantes was born in this beautiful city. She is one of the most famous singers in Latin America. In 2004, her album “Pau-Latina”, recorded in Spanish, was Latin album of the year on the Billboard charts. She once said, ” My music is very positive. It`s about getting up, going out, and being prepared because your dreams can come true. I myself inspire people to leave their countries and create a life doing what they want to do, working and making a big effort. I think that with “Pau-Latina” I am offering a fussion of different sounds, instruments, and lyrics from all over Latin America and Spain it doesn`t matter whether we are Mexicans, Colombians, or Venezuelans. We are human being, we are one race: we are Latins, the most beautiful and warmest people”.
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Puerto Rico vs USA Dream Team – Atenas 2004

FAVOR VERLO EN ALTA CALIDAD PLEASE WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY “La bofetá del pitirre” -Primera derrota olímpica de un “Dream Team” -Derrota más grande de un equipo olímpico estadounidense de baloncesto en la historia. Baloncesto olímpico masculino, Atenas, 2004. -First Olympic loss of a USA Basketball Dream Team. -Worst beating any Olympic USA Basketball team (Dream Team or not) has ever received. Men’s Olympic basketball, Athens, 2004.

The Wonders of Puerto Rico Resorts

The island of Puerto Rico is one of those places that has a lot more to offer than you might think. Sure the weather is nice and there are plenty of places where you can enjoy a drink in the blazing sun. But there is so much m ore to this wonderful place. The friendly people of Puerto Rico are proud of their place and are often more than happy to give you some tips on great local sightseeing opportunities.

The busy capital of Puerto Rico (called San Juan) is a mix of different influences. What is your holiday of choice? Do you want to enjoy a life of luxury during your time off or do you want to blend in with the locals? There are many luxury hotels and most of those are situated near the nightclubs and discos of San Juan.

An exciting nightlife awakens when the shops close, the Puertoricans disappear to have their evening meal and when the sun sets San Juan re-awakens with a whole new energy. The casinos and bars are all waiting for you to come and have a drink. But you can also choose to take it easy and find a great restaurant on the beach. Surrounded by the rain forest on one side and the beach on the other, you will truly feel as if you ended up in paradise.

Puerto Rico has a rich history and a lot to offer if you enjoy sightseeing. The fascinating Spanish history runs back to the American war in 1898 when many buildings and settlements were destroyed. Nowadays US citizens and Puertoricans live happily suede by side. Enjoy checking out the San Cristobal fort and fortress walls by the San Juan harbor and mix seeing the sights with the exciting San Juan nightlife after dinner.
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Updates On Video Game Suppliers And Wholesale Merchandise Hunters!

There is a huge world out there waiting for you to buy the latest wholesale merchandise items from distributors who are waiting for you with their arms open to embrace your business arrival and make their profit themselves. All you need to do is hit a search on Google, Yahoo and MSN and you may start seeing some of them in action.

Every single new video game suppliers ads themselves to an existing list of a source list or should I say, a random list on many auction sites for pennies. Each wholesale source has something new and unique to offer to the resellers and retailers. Even if the product is old, you are likely to find good bargains where there is too much competition. It is reality in 2008 and like many have said, it will get tougher as competition arrives.

If you keep on looking for wholesale merchandise for a bargain, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest list of legit distributors, wholesalers, suppliers and discount clearing warehouses online. If you have been a fan of auction sites, it will be rude to ask you if you have bought or sold something on eBay.

As you may already know, eBay is one of the most popular online marketplaces to find merchandise at discounted prices. You can find quite a few of video games suppliers in action as of today selling in-demand accessories and hot games that never become a fad.

Many times you should be able to easily find several products even at the cheaper price than a seller selling almost the same used item or new unit. You can order it in bulk and you can sell it locally or you can sell it on eBay and find a distributor or supplier that does not advertises himself greatly online.

There are new eBay distributors that join the eBay community every month. If you make periodic searches to look for certain product prices on a monthly way, you should see the new crowd or should I say, the new competitors?

Alibaba is yet another important online portal that offers level playing field to wholesalers and retailers. This site carries wholesale suppliers and distributors from the south East Asian countries like India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, among others. However, it is not limited to the same and you are likely to find sellers from all over the world.

This site is important if you are thinking of being an importer yourself for local varieties from other parts of the world. If you are a proud Puerto Rican like me you could also think of culture things to sell to other parts of the world to family and friends of America, among other countries for those who feel joy in having rare and limited items, the city of Loiza, Puerto Rico being of great example.

If you are worried and thinking about getting targeted customers, maneuver yourself to the $20.00 featured list collectable category of eBay and get back to me later with your results. Test if it would be a seller where there is established targeted traffic, if it does not sell trash the minimum investment and move on to the next likely hit!

Moreover, if you want instant results to search through various online auctions sites to find the cheapest price for any particular product, you can download a free tool from “Auction Bargain Finder” that searches marketplaces and search all the bargain prices to locate the most economic price for any particular product.

However, you have to remember, this tool does not guarantee that the actual seller would be what you actually need. You shall have to search on your own to find the most suitable video games suppliers in order to get wholesale merchandise on the net. Word of caution, just be sure you like the niche and have the drive to continue when competitors arrive. It will either be yours for a few years or toss the project!