A Former Player Love Poem For the Love of His Life

Sometimes I stop and think that’s their no person in the world quite like you,
A person that at first glance awoke my feelings it struck me so deep that it went straight in my heart.

It’s so special what you have giving me ‘your love’ it’s a feeling that only one person
Has made me feel and that person is you I love you never forget that my baby

This is a feeling so deep that every time I see you I’m
Overwhelmed it’s a feeling that tells me that you are the person that I always dreamed of and
want to spend the rest of my life with
You make me know how good life can be just being with you.

Every time I look into your eyes it make me fall in love with you
All over again,
It will be so hard to try to explain in words just how much And how deep my love is for you is
It will be so hard to think what coulda been of me if a had never met you.

To live a world without you, not to feel your love and your touch and everything that you are to this world

What u mean to me can only be described with only a few words
I love you

You are my inspiration, my one true love, and my one and only love
You’re the best thing that has ever happened in my life
You will always be today, tomorrow, and forever
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What’s Next For Miguel Cotto?

Three months ago, we have seen an undefeated Puerto Rican Prospect take the beating of his life. Also his first professional career loss against one of the most dangerous welterweights in the world, Antonio Margarito. This fight is a candidate for fight of the year. It could also be the biggest upset of the year as well. Antonio Margarito came in the fight as an underdog, and boy did he prove everyone wrong.

This fight was just unbelievable. I am a Cotto fan, and I thought to my mind “How can you beat Cotto, besides hitting his chin?” Margarito gave us an answer. It was relentless pressure in every single round. But the real reason that he accomplished that was because he had an excellent chin, and Cotto did not hit Margarito in the body. Cotto’s body shots were his signature punches, and he did not hit Margarito there. If he did, the fight could have been dominated by Cotto because he took away Margarito’s punches.

Margarito was throwing punches constantly at Cotto, through the whole fight. He was the one who dug inside his opponents body, regardless of all the punches that Cotto hit him with. A lot of people have used this fight as an inspiration. People were saying that this fight was like Rocky IV. Margarito was playing Rocky and Cotto was playing the role as the Ivan Drago. They say that Cotto’s mind was thinking that Margarito wasn’t human, as the same for Ivan Drago.

Any who, many want to know what is next for Miguel Cotto. Well, it has been stated that if Paul Williams is going to vacate his title, that Cotto was going to fight Michael Jennings for the vacated title. That’s assuming that Williams will leave his title on the table to become a middleweight.

Another opponent would be the likes of Kermit Cintron. Cintron will be having a match against Lovemore N’Dou. He believes that he will be the first to stop N’dou. I do not think that will happen. Cotto couldn’t stop N’Dou, and he’s a lot better of a fighter than Cintron. So what makes you think that he will stop him.

If he does get past N’dou and he faces Cotto, he already has another loss on his record. Cotto will come back after his first loss, and he will be the hungriest fighter that night. He is not going to take any chances. Cotto will go back to that body, and take out Cintron’s air. That’s why I love a fighter after a loss or their first professional loss. You see the best out of them.

I just cannot wait to see Cotto come back. If he is the warrior that we think he is, then he will have no problem with Cintron. He’ll make Cintron look silly, especially with Cotto’s hand speed. If he accomplishes that, then he has a match setup for a Margarito rematch. I just hope that this time, it will be a turn around. The ONLY way that he’ll win against Margarito is if he takes out Margarito’s air and knocks him out. That’s the only way. He doesn’t have the foot speed to get away from Margarito that quick. But anyways, I just cannot wait.
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